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Some fears expressed before a Presentation Skills Workshop. See how the delegates felt afterwards.

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I'll be gasping for air

My mouth will go dry

My voice is boring

Will they listen to me?

Can they to hear me?

I'll make a fool of myself

I'll forget the words

My mind will go blank

Am I inspiring enough?

The audience might get distracted


Helen is very respectful, understanding and creates a sense of trust. She is the best we've ever had.

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Simon Woodroffe, OBE

Founder, London

You provided us with a highly rewarding experience. Everyone has been more joyous since. Your central London venue was perfect.

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Richard Coughlan

Director Project Controls, London

This was a great team exercise combining gospel singing and movement. You helped get rid of so many inhibitions.

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Megan Harvey

Global Manager, Surrey

Your choral singing ice-breaker attracted a huge satisfaction rating. It was delivered in an excellent style.

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Wendy Grant

Administrator, London

Your singing workshop was 100% successful. Your team met all our objectives.

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Kathryn Jones

Director of Nursing, London

The musical theatre workshop was flawless and put us all in a great mood. It was an excellent activity for our annual away day.

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Lara Bonney

UK director, London

Your down-to-earth approach helped get our mixed group singing and smiling. It was a great end to a long day of meetings.

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Rebecca Hill

Head of UK Human Resources, Kent

Loved the way you flexed the singing workshop according to our needs.

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Lisa Brice

Equine Training Specialist, Northampton

Fantastic two developmental days away. It pushed us outside our comfort zones and was fun. You left us wanting more.

Louise Gordon

HR Consultant, Northampton

What was initially quite nerve wracking, quickly became enriching and fun. The singing workshop exceeded my expectations in every way.

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Dorothy Foote

UK director, Northampton

Your down to earth approach got our team singing brilliantly. People needed to recognise their ability to contribute to something outside of their day to day work.

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Debbie Dore

Communications Executive HQ, Oxford

The singing workshop gave me access to tips and helped build my confidence by singing with others. It was great doing something so different without feeling exposed. Loved the instruments too!

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Leanne Butler

Accountant, Salisbury

We all felt we'd done something wonderful together which you'd planned with such sensitivity. The balance and pace were excellent and you were masterful at reading the mood of the room, taking us through songs that carried much emotion in the context of our fond farewell. You gave us a time together that will last in our team relationships, as well as being a poignant memory for our president.


Brigid Janssen

Communications Director, London

I’m being challenged and motivated to move forwards. Helen’s approach is refreshingly different.

Robert Jukes

Global Strategist

Wonderful and memorable experience that achieves so much more than other team-building exercises. An amazing time from start to finish that enabled us to develop as a group and individually.

Sarah Canning

Lawyer, Franklins Solicitors

Helen’s creative, charismatic and non-judgemental approach has encouraged me to overcome my inhibition at projecting my voice.

Juan Campos

Investment Banker

The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames’ Staff Choir have benefitted hugely from Helen’s professionalism, sense of humour and well planned sessions. In a short space of time she has brought the choir together, encouraging and supporting learning and bonding between colleagues in fun and accessible sessions.

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Emma Cookson, Arts Festival Manager

London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

Helen has emotional intelligence. I attended a workshop with her leading, and she managed to get a diverse group of people to work in union together to sing about a brand. Brilliant! I'd recommend her services to restore morale and team efficiency in your organisation.

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Lawrence Perry

IOD attendee

Helen is an inspiring trainer. In 2 hours she takes you on a voyage of discovery to build up to singing together in harmony. The process is surprising, delightful and beautifully led by this lovely lady who has sung at the highest levels. She has the glorious gift to take a disparate group of non-singers to a place where they could never have imagined themselves. A fantastic way of showing people the power of working together.


David Pugsley


A fantastic afternoon.

Jeremy Thorpe

Tillotts Pharma UK

Helen brought a peer group together to create an anthem reflecting the things that mattered to them as a group. It was great to see people tapping into their creative side. To have a complete song, lyrics and music by the end was impressive.


Jan Lloyd

Vistage Chair Group

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