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The Science of the Workplace Choir

Photo appears by kind permission from LBRuT. Neurosurgeons use music to enhance concentration, armies use music to coordinate movements and increase cooperation, athletes use music to increase stamina and motivation, and workers use music to improve attention and vigilance. It may be no surprise that singing is now being used in the workplace to increase

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Helen Astrid leading the LBRUT choir rehearsal

Singing Transforms your Team

Singing Boosts Workplace Harmony In the words of Oscar Wilde, “Success is a science; if you have the right conditions, you get the results!” Let’s investigate how music and singing can help you get the results from your employees. Singing connects us on a deep visceral level with many proven benefits for both individuals and

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Blog Corporate Health and Well-Being benefits

Corporate Health and Well-Being Benefits

Lots of us enjoy singing and perhaps this means a quick tune in the bath or warble when doing the housework. Or maybe you just love to belt out a song at the local Karaoke night. It might surprise you to know that you’re not just having fun, you’re also helping yourself to keep fit,

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Blog Celebrating Songs of the Nations Rugby World Cup 2016

The World’s Coolest Workplace Perks! Try Singing…

Alice Coleman said it so succinctly in yesterday’s Guardian, 11 February 2016: Singing as a group can have a positive effect on team dynamics, as automotive company Alphabet discovered when it formed its own choir. The 20-strong Alphabet Choir practises at work and performs at key company events throughout the year.   “Our choir represents

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Blog The winner takes it all

The Winner Takes it All

This article first appeared in the Huffington Post on the 11th September 2015. Music and sport are the perfect marriage; they were made for each other…designed to live happily ever after. The beneficial effect of using music in sport and exercise is nothing new. Music is able to grab our attention, cause a reaction, change

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