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Our tailor-made singing workshops boost team collaboration

We provide a range of original corporate team building workshops. In addition, we also offer singing courses. These are suited to various business challenges and situations. We tailor sessions to meet your needs and requirements. We can bring our team to you or find the perfect location for an away day. Most of all, the music we offer is diverse. Ranging from opera, choral, musical theatre, Motown, soul, folk, pop and world music. We can also set-up and run your workplace choir which can improve the health and well-being of your staff. Why not discover more about the magical world of opera and attend an Opera Appreciation Talk in 2019? To book click here.

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Creative team building activities

Performing music is an effective way to work together. Learn skills to connect, communicate and co-operate with one another. Deliver an energised performance singing in harmony. As a result, every member contributes to the whole creative process. Why not opt for a chorus from a famous opera with demonstrations by a world-class opera singer?

Compose a Company Anthem

Composers require imagination and inspiration. Most of all, they need the time and space to express themselves. Collaborate with colleagues to create an original anthem or company song. We explore lyrics, melodies, harmonies and rhythms.

Leadership and Innovation

Immerse business leaders in empowering musical sessions. Executives or musicians must each find ways to create and innovate; to use new technologies, to deal with change. Let us take you on a journey from discovery to innovation in a highly creative environment.

Performance Skills for Presentations

To give a presentation has similarities to performing a song. Acquire techniques used by leading opera singers to deliver powerful, impactful and confident presentations. Learn skills to overcome performance anxiety. Try one of our vocal training courses for building confidence in business.

Workplace Choirs & Choral Workshops

Singers in a choir learn to listen to each other. They are aware of different voices, layers of sound and levels of ability. Most of all, they communicate and co-operate while multi-tasking. You can learn a new skill rapidly and improve mental co-ordination and agility. Staff will blend with one another in a workplace choir. They will also have opportunities to lead. A choral workshop provides these opportunities.

Away Days or week-long retreats

Dedicate time to explore and develop your vocal skills and techniques. Do this in a safe and relaxed environment away from the office. All of our workshops and courses can be delivered off-site or as part of your annual away days. We also provide week-long retreats in luxury accommodation.

Festive Sing-A-Long

Enjoy a festive sing-a-long with a specially selected programme of songs. Led by our expert musicians, you can choose from seasonal favourites, carols and all-time traditional classics. Ideal for your end of year office celebration or for entertaining clients.

Celebrating with Song

Singing relieves stress and anxiety. It also maintains health and well-being. Be present in the moment and feel the power of song in an uplifting and bonding experience. Suitable for in-house workshops and valedictory events.

Go Gospel

Gospel singing is deeply rooted in the rich traditions of African-American music. This workshop is about participation; starting with a few voices and building into a whole mass of sound. We will incorporate the elements of gospel singing and movement through rousing spirituals and sacred songs. A fabulous end to your day!

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Our Clients

We have vast experience of running bespoke singing workshops for a wide range of companies. These include large multi-national organisations to small businesses. Our clients include banks, law firms, electronics manufacturers, airlines, PR and media firms. In addition, we have also worked in the public sector.