The World’s Coolest Workplace Perks! Try Singing…

Alice Coleman speaks so succinctly in yesterday’s Guardian. 11 February 2016:
Singing as a group has a positive effect on team dynamics, as automotive company Alphabet discovers when it formed its own choir. The 20-strong Alphabet Choir practises at work and performs at key company events throughout the year.

A few tears have been shed

“Our choir represents a fantastic opportunity for employees to meet people they would not ordinarily work alongside,” says employee engagement manager Clare Witty. “Rehearsing and performing together binds a group unlike any usual team-building exercise. You have to put your trust in others. The sense of achievement is enormous – a few happy tears have been shed.”


My husband’s eyes would often roll to the ceiling as he’d yet another compulsory team-building activity to attend. These have varied from a pub quiz, tenpin bowling and once a dreaded tree hugging seance and the inevitable drumming session. When I tell people what I do, they say, ‘Well, that’s different! Maybe we should try that instead’. See the fantastic variety of singing workshops Helen Astrid runs.

Why not offer your staff one of the world’s coolest workplace perks by giving them a singing experience.

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Helen Astrid

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